Interface – Update Two

Angus & Jenn
Reading input signals from Firmware is basically working, however data is not being received in a consistent format. The same code was tested on using different Arduino Nanos and seems data is not being written correctly to it’s buffers.

A user interface is being developed. A button has been added for checking connection of an Arduino board to the USB. The code behind the button monitors the USB port, and reports if the Arduino stops communicating.

We had Initially planned to use Scratch-X as a way of interfacing to Arduinos.  However, it was found to be a little unreliable. Scratch has some pre-defined coding blocks which were slow to execute, difficult to get working and not flexible enough for our needs.

We proposed to use HTML Canvas for plotting the graph data. This should simplify uploading data and help future uploads.

Cindy & JiaWei
Wednesday, Komal helped Zhuang Chu (Cindy) learn HTML in order for her to create a web based graph from data supplied by the Arduino code being developed by Angus & Jane.

Afterwards Cindy started looking at JavaScript and is currently learning to code HTML with  embedded JavaScript to create on-the-fly webpages.

Jia Wei was looking at design aspects of the website relating to colour schemes, fonts etc.