Mechanics – Update Three

Today was an interesting day on a lot of levels! In the morning we bought acrylic from the architecture shop and then headed over to the high school to set the 3D printer going for a 10 hour print! After lunch, we headed to the shops to pick up some bicycle tires and clamps to make the floating platform that the AFM will rest on.
Next, we took the acrylic to the high school to laser cut it and to check on our 3D prints. Upon arriving, we found that the printer had stopped working, so the high school kids got busy trying to fix the printers so we could restart the job. The children here in China are very helpful and have lots of knowhow to fix things.

In the meantime, we edited our design to laser cut and began cutting it out of the acrylic, only to find that the laser cutter wasn’t cutting all the way through! We adjusted the settings, tried different materials, and tried to cut out the rest with Stanley knives, screwdrivers, and hammers, which resulted in a lot of broken pieces and a few intact ones.
After dinner, we came back to the lab to try and cut out more pieces and build a prototype to make sure everything is the right size. A couple hours later, the first prototype was done!

Finally, we said goodbye to our teammate Alex, who is not joining us for the second week but he will be continuing to help us with the project from London. Today we also said our goodbyes to the high school students working with us, as we will be moving our project to Shenzhen.