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New design!

Lego2nano’s openAFM project took a big leap forward in the last couple of weeks. We have a newly designed PCB to control the DVDhead and peizo stage with an arduino nano. We have a new an improved stage design based on a quadrant piezo approach pioneered in the old openSTM projects which incorporates a kinematic positioner of the dvd head and a fully 3D printable structure. We will be testing our design at this weekends Mozfest design4Exploded design4Full design4Splitand hope to release more details shortly!

Firmware – Update

You may have been wondering what is firmware; it is the part of the AFM that sits between the software interface and the electronics that control the microscope. This means that we need to take care of two tasks: first, to listen to the interface and translate that into a signal that controls the scanning stage. Secondly, we need to measure the signal from the AFM and send it back to the interface. These tasks are accomplished using an Arduino and a microcontroller that we can program to read & write voltages. To do all these things at the right time and in the right order, we control the behaviour of the Arduino using C++ code, we wrote this over the past two weeks. Continue reading Firmware – Update

Build in Progress

Capture what you build as your build it. This afternoon we were delighted to welcome Tiffany on skype to talk to us about a new website she designed, named Build in Progress.  It lets you share what you are building as you build. Build in Progress is designed to help you document your project as your developing it. We are hoping to show the LEGO2NANO project using this platform. Continue reading Build in Progress