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New design!

Lego2nano’s openAFM project took a big leap forward in the last couple of weeks. We have a newly designed PCB to control the DVDhead and peizo stage with an arduino nano. We have a new an improved stage design based on a quadrant piezo approach pioneered in the old openSTM projects which incorporates a kinematic positioner of the dvd head and a fully 3D printable structure. We will be testing our design at this weekends Mozfest design4Exploded design4Full design4Splitand hope to release more details shortly!

Mechanics – Update Two

Yesterday we worked on finishing up the CAD files for the DVD head holder and the flexure stage that will be used for coarse motion under the piezos. We also bought some foam and made the sound insulated box that will be used to shield the AFM. We bought some acrylic at the architecture department and will be going back to the high school to laser cut and 3D printing the various pieces we need to build the project.

photo 1